UV, UPF, and You

UV, UPF, and You

July 13, 2022

Everybody needs to understand the risks of being exposed to the sun--- whether you love the outdoors or not, whether you're a regular beach person or not. 

With the depletion of the ozone layer in recent times, it has become even more important to know and block off the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. Just because it's an overcast day, you might think it's safe to skip UV protection. But this where most people go wrong, and therefore place themselves in danger. 

What are UV Rays?

You have probably heard of the term, but many don't fully grasp what it means and how it can be harmful to people. 

UV stands for ultraviolet, which is a kind of electromagnetic radiation from the sun that is able to reach the earth. Overexposure to it does not merely bring about skin damage or sunburns, but it can lead to skin cancer too over time. 

Hence, it is highly essential to keep ourselves protected--- through sunscreen and clothes. Luckily, with the advanced technologies available today, it is much easier to find great products that will help us continue to enjoy beach time, water sports, and outdoor activities without being harmed by these UV rays. 

Do take note that the sun is usually at its strongest between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon. If you're exposed within these hours, just be sure to be prepared. Apart from wearing the right type of clothing and putting on sunscreen on your exposed skin, you may also want to wear sunglasses and a hat. 

Common Signs of Skin Cancer

If you have been noticing liver spots on your skin, along with rough patches of damaged or dry skin, then perhaps you ought to go to the doctor and get yourself checked for skin cancer. Also, those who have serious sun burns must definitely go for a checkup. After all, it's better to find out sooner and start treatments and remedies before it's too late. 

Definitely, it's even more better if you can prevent these symptoms from appearing. We have to be careful whenever we go out. This is why we need to educate ourselves about UPF and how we can protect ourselves from UV rays. 

What is UPF and How Does It Concern Me?

UPF actually means Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It is a standard of measurement that was created specifically for sun protective fabrics, in contract to the more familiar term SPF which means Sun Protection Factor and is more directed toward measuring sunscreen protective abilities. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the recommended UPF for fabrics is 30 in order to qualify for their "Seal of Recommendation". But if you want very good protection, why not go for clothes that are enhanced with a UPF of 31 to 49?

What's more, if you find comfortable and durable clothing with UPF 50 or more, that's even more awesome! Such will certainly give you excellent protection from the sun's UV radiation because it has been proven to be 98% efficient in doing this purpose when worn. 

The Great News 

Here's the good news--- there are a lot of options for fabrics that will give you the recommended UPF so that you can safely go out into the sun. 

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If you're into surfing or you just want to play beach volleyball with your friends, or if you love to go fishing and kayaking or you're planning to do some hiking in the woods, you'll find that these shirts are perfect for your active lifestyle in the sun.