About Us

More than a brand...it's a way of life. SAND.SALT.SURF.SUN. was created in that South Florida spirit. Inspired by the beach and ocean life of our home town in Delray Beach, and 17 years in the industry, we have created his own twist on Ocean art and performance wear.

Fishing, sailing, surfing, parasailing, or just enjoying a day on the beach, SAND.SALT.SURF.SUN. creates clothing for your active ocean lifestyle. Unique features such as UV protection, anti-microbian treatments and Pure Tech wicking technology, you will feel confident and comfortable in the latest SAND.SALT.SURF.SUN. styles.

WEART IT. LIVE IT. LOVE IT. The art is permanently imprinted into the performance fibers keeping them vibrant and colorful throughout the life of the shirt. The UPF Solar shirts offer superior sun protection and performance qualities. Featuring UPF 50+ protection, the UPF Solar shirt is both breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and sure to keep the sun's rays from penetrating through to your skin. The 4.1-ounce, 100% Microfiber Polyester fabric is powered by our PURE-tech moisture-wicking technology which is permanently infused in the fibers of the fabric. PURE-tech's intelligent design is shown to improve the body's core performance as it moves perspiration away from the body, pushing it outside the shirt.

Because of this technology, our UPF Performance Shirts dry far faster than standard cotton garments. Our UPF shirts also include M-Shield which keeps our fabrics fresh, attractive and ready for more. The Zinc based, acquios technology enhances durability without impacting thermomigration. M-Shield technology is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and BlueSign System approved for sustainability.

 Welcome to the S4 Team! On to your adventure.