7 Fun Water Sports You Can Try at the Beach

7 Fun Water Sports You Can Try at the Beach

August 13, 2022

Whether you're an adventurous spirit looking for some action at the beach or you just want to get some exercise while enjoying the natural scenery of the beach, it would definitely be great to try out several different water sports you can do on your own or with a loved one.


Check out the list below and see which ones you haven't tried yet. Perhaps it's time for you to give it a go! Just make sure to follow safety protocols and to wear the right gear as well. Have fun!

Water Sport #1: Canoeing and Kayaking

If you want to take it slow first and you want to watch the beautiful sunset from the sea, then this is the perfect sport for you to do. You can either try canoeing or kayaking. 

This is perfect for beginners and it's easy to learn too. All you need to do is get into the canoe or kayak and start paddling away. It could be a nice quiet time for yourself, but still giving you a chance to get some exercise. If you've been craving a break from the usual chaos in your life or environment, then this is an amazing way to find some peace. 

What's more, if you do it with someone special, this is the perfect opportunity to have a good conversation and some alone time in the midst of the ocean. 

Water Sport #2: Jetskiing

For those who wish to be more adventurous yet you wouldn't want to exert much effort, try to ride a jetski! You will surely love that feeling of zipping across the surface of the ocean while having the sea water spraying on your face and body. 

It gives the same rush as riding a fast motorcycle or even getting on a roller-coaster! You'll actually feel like you're traveling at a speed that's much faster than the real speed of the jetski. 

This is a good alternative to taking a boat if you want to explore other parts of the beach where boats may not dock or get into, such as a narrow pathway heading to a cave on the sea. It's also easy to park so you can turn it off and just go swimming at any time you want. 

Water Sport #3: Stand-Up Paddleboarding

If you're new to water sports, you ought to try this. It's a nice activity for beginners, especially if you don't want to stay seated for a long time such as when using a kayak or canoe. 

The paddleboard is like a surfboard, but you don't have to ride any waves with it. You just hold on to paddles and move over the water by paddling and balancing on the board. If you get tired, you can simply sit down and rest as you bob on the ocean. 

It offers moderate excitement, but it's manageable and a lot easier to handle for those who are not used to water sports yet. Break your routine at the beach and give this a shot! 

Water Sport #4: Wakeboarding

Have you tried wakeboarding yet? Here you also get to balance on a board, but you'll have to also focus on holding on to the tow while you're being pulled by a motorized vehicle on the water. 

At first, all your attention may just be directed toward holding on and trying to balance. But once you get the hang of it, you will begin to enjoy the feeling of freedom and exhilaration out in the sea. You will begin to notice the clouds, the open waters, the mountains and the shore in the distance. 

If you're not a beginner, you can even try out various positions and maneuvers as well as mid-air tricks!

Water Sport #5: Water Skiing

Want to take it up a notch higher? A lot of people say that from wakeboarding, this is the next level up--- water skiing. This is because it's a little bit harder to balance on the skis as compared with using a board that has a bigger surface to stand on. 

This could be very fun and adventurous too! It might be tricky at first to remain balanced and to keep your legs stable and your feet under you, but it will be worth it once you practice more. When you start showing improvement, you'll love it!

Remember to always tuck your knees against your chest and to stay in a crouching position as you skim across the water. 

Water Sport #6: Surfing

For thousands of years all over the world, people have already been surfing. This sport is very popular and it's bound to pique the curiosity of many. Why don't you give it a try if you haven't already?

If you visit a beach with great waves that are perfect for surfing, you mustn't just lounge around on the shore. Get a full workout by having someone teach you how to surf. You will love the feeling of control as you ride the waves, as well as the sense of being carefree out there. 

Of course you'll have to wait for the right wave. But when it comes, you paddle along with it and get up on your surfboard to ride it! It will give you a great feeling of achievement and excitement at the same time. 

Water Sport #7: Sailing

This sport has been around for a long time and is generally used to travel on the water. You can try it out too on a small catamaran, but you'll have to get lessons. It can be challenging but will surely give you that sense of accomplishment once you're able to do it. 

It's just like driving. There are many things involved in maneuvering the boat and using the wind to guide you along to where you want to go. However, once you learn everything and with repeated practice, then just like driving a car, you will never forget the skill. 

This is a nice way for you to explore not just the shores of the beach but the ocean itself. You can even visit nearby islands! What's more, you can bring people with you, relax and read a good book, or bring something to eat so you can dine out in the sea. 

Have Fun, Stay Safe!

Whatever water sport you decide on, make sure to enjoy the journey and even the learning process. When that's your mindset, no matter the challenges, you will certainly have lots of fun! 

Naturally, it's important to get a professional or an expert to teach and guide you when you're trying out something new. Also make sure to follow the rules and safety protocols. 

In order to fully enjoy the activity, you will also need to wear the right gear so you can stay safe and comfortable all throughout.